Pre-Owned Server Acquisition

Maxicom Global UAE is a global buyer of used IT equipment, including servers, storage, networking, and data center equipment. We offer reliable and sustainable buyback solutions.

Enterprise IT Asset Management Solutions

We offer a wide range of services to support your IT asset management needs, including discovery, inventory, buyback, asset tagging, warranty tracking, software license management, and more.

Responsible IT Asset Disposal

Environmentally-conscious solutions for sustainable IT asset disposition, including trading, refurbishment, buyback, and eco-friendly disposal, maximizing value while minimizing waste.

Welcome To Our Comprehensive IT
Asset Management Services!

At Maxicom Global UAE, we specialize in providing a wide range of solutions to effectively manage your IT assets throughout their lifecycle. With our expertise and industry-leading services, we ensure optimal utilization, secure disposal, and maximum value recovery for your valuable equipment. Whether you’re a large organization, a data center, or a business with excess IT equipment, we have tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Building A Sustainable Tomorrow: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Maxicom Global UAE’s ITAD and Buyback model promotes sustainability by minimizing electronic waste, promoting asset reuse, and responsible recycling. Through comprehensive asset disposition services, we extend the lifecycle of IT equipment, reducing the need for new manufacturing. Our buyback program allows businesses to recover value from surplus assets while supporting circular economy practices. By choosing Maxicom Global UAE, companies contribute to a sustainable future, ensure data security and compliance, and reap financial and environmental benefits. Join us in reducing, reusing, and recycling for a more sustainable planet.
Together, we can make a significant impact on reducing electronic waste, conserving resources, and creating a more sustainable planet for future generations

Services We Can Help You With

Maxicom offers a comprehensive suite of services to assist you with your IT needs. Our services include IT asset buyback, datacenter decommissioning, IT asset recovery, IT asset management, data destruction services, and trading used IT assets.

IT Asset Disposal Services

Securely and responsibly dispose of your outdated IT assets with our IT Asset Disposal Services. We ensure data privacy compliance and environmental sustainability, giving you peace of mind while freeing up space and resources for your IT infrastructure.Trust us to safeguard sensitive data and uphold environmental responsibility, allowing you to make room for the next generation of IT innovation.

IT Recycling Services

Embrace eco-friendly practices by choosing our IT Recycling Services. Count on us to responsibly recycle your IT assets, ensuring data privacy compliance and environmental sustainability. This way, you can free up valuable space and resources while contributing to a greener and more secure future for your IT infrastructure.

IT Maintenance & AMC Services

Elevate your IT infrastructure with our IT Maintenance & AMC Services. Rely on us for the dependable upkeep of your systems, including data privacy compliance and environmental sustainability. By doing so, you can optimize your resources while ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your IT investments, all backed by our expertise.

IT Equipment Remarketing Services

Unlock the full potential of your IT equipment with our IT Equipment Remarketing Services. Trust us to help you responsibly recycle or repurpose your assets, guaranteeing data privacy compliance and environmental sustainability. This not only frees up valuable resources but also provides an opportunity to maximize the value of your IT investments.

Data Center Decommssioning

Opt for a hassle-free transition with our Data Center Decommissioning Services. Rely on us for the secure and sustainable decommissioning of your data center, including data privacy compliance and environmental responsibility. By choosing us, you can confidently free up precious space and resources while ensuring a smooth and eco-conscious shift in your IT infrastructure.

Data Destruction Services

Safeguard your sensitive information with our Data Destruction Services. Count on us for secure and compliant data destruction, guaranteeing data privacy and environmental responsibility. This way, you can confidently protect your data and contribute to a more secure and sustainable IT environment.

Cloud Migration Services

Elevate your IT infrastructure with our Cloud Migration Services. Rely on us for a seamless and secure transition to the cloud, ensuring data integrity and scalability. With our expertise, you can unlock the benefits of cloud technology, optimizing your resources for a more efficient and flexible IT environment.

IT Asset Recovery Services

Maximize the value of your IT investments with our IT Asset Recovery Services. Trust us to efficiently recover, recycle, or repurpose your assets while maintaining data privacy and environmental responsibility. This enables you to optimize your resources and realize the full potential of your IT equipment in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Trading IT Equipment

Explore new opportunities with our Trading IT Equipment Services. Count on us to facilitate the buying and selling of IT equipment, ensuring smooth transactions and excellent value. We provide a platform for you to efficiently trade IT assets, making the most of your investments and IT needs.

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Various Industries Served By Maxicom

Maxicom serves a diverse range of industries, providing tailored IT asset management solutions to meet their unique needs. Our expertise extends across various sectors including:
Leasing Company Solution
Fintech Company Solution
E-commerce Company Solution
IT Company Solution
Cloud Provider Solution
System Integrator Solution
Maintence Company Support
OEM/ODM Products Solution