Cisco Networking Rentals & Leasing

Maxicom Global UAE provides Cisco Networking Rentals for a convenient and affordable solution to a number of data center issues, such as seasonal spikes and data center relocations.If you need any kind of cisco equipment for more than one year, consider our leasing options. We lease routers & switches for flexible one to five year terms. Contact Maxicom to get started on a leasing contract today.

These are exactly like your own Equipment. We cater to the demands of our esteemed clients and offer servers, storage and networking like routers on rent.  Request a Quote for a networking rentals. Our sales Representatives contact you within 12hrs.

special links

  • Data Center Equipment

    Maxicom introduces data center program and buyback program.

  • Reverse Logistics

    Optimize reverse logistics – including returns, repairs, refurbishments, resale/Remarketing, e-commerce return and disposal of parts – with Maxicom reverse logistics Program.

  • Leasing Programs

    End of lease-When the leased equipment no longer meets your technology needs, then ITAD program introduces.

  • Assets Dispositions

    When a company wants ITAD. Maxicom introduces IT Asset Management (ITAM) programmed. Which include data handling, data destruction securely, reuse/re-marketing and other programs to increase ROI and free the precious space.

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