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Worry Free Datacenter Decommissioning

MAXICOM UAE HELPS Decommissioning Data Center Equipment plus Digital Data Destruction Services

Datacenter Decommissioning

When decommissioning a data center, there is a lot to think about. Mechanical removal may be required to dispose of materials properly, and an electrical disconnect may also be required to remove the data center equipment from its current location. Not to mention, an asset value analysis needs to be done to determine if your data center materials are still worth it. For years Maxicom UAE has helped companies manage the decommissioning and disposal of data center equipment. Whether it is a small office or a large company, we can combine several of our data destruction and deletion services to create a project plan that meets your needs. Datacenter decommissioning should be done by our experienced IT professionals who have the experience and partners available to provide you with the necessary solutions.

Our Datacenter Decommissioning capabilities include:
 Audits and Inventory
 Asset Verification
 De-Cabling, De-Wiring and Equipment De- Installation
 Onsite Hard Drive & Tape Destruction
 Onsite Data Erasure
 Onsite NSA Degaussing
 Secure Packing and Transport
 Recycling Services if Required
 Asset Removal & Logistics
 Certification of Work Performed


Types of Datacenter Decommissioning Projects
 Cage Cleanout
 Shut down of internal datacenter
 Equipment Decommissioning
 Full Room/Facility Decommissioning to bare


Buy Back program

Our Buy Back program is for taking back, Non useful IT equipment consuming space in your organization. So whether you have older HP, IBM, DELL, CISCO, Nortel or Avaya equipment. Ours Buy Back Program gives you top MONEY for your outdated IT and networking equipment. Please reach out to us to get instant quotes about your IT DISPOSAL NEEDS, savings and OUR DATA DESTRUCTION SERVICES.

Technology Refresh

You can refresh your DATACENTER EQUIPMENT or corporate IT equipment by taking help of our ITAD (IT ASSET DISPOSTION) and ITAM (IT ASSET MANAGEMENT) programs click for more info? Or email sales@maxicom.ae

Itam Management & Disposal UAE

Disposing of IT assets that are at the end of their life is not just a necessity for businesses, but an opportunity for value recovery. Maxicom as a partner evaluates your assets based on criteria such as age and condition. Then, Maxicom uses the industry's most progressive resale platform to market your equipment for maximum value. Which allows you to reinvest those earnings back into your business. Our process for disposal of IT assets allows us to provide alternative disposition paths, including redeploying assets within the organization to save on unnecessary new purchases, repurchasing or gifting programs for employees, and charitable donation initiative More Info?sales@maxicom.ae


Data Destruction

We Buy back all Kinds of New Old surplus, project excess Servers, Networking and Enterprise class IT equipment (including Desktop Laptop and Servers & Networking) in the UAE. We can handle on-site/off-site Data Wipe /Data Destruction solutions in UAE. You can maximize your selling profit by disposing your client's older/ second hand hardware (Brands HP, Dell, IBM, Sun, Cisco, EMC and Juniper) or off lease equipment to us.