Data Destruction

It Requires a Secure, End-to-End Process.

Shredding & Destruction - On-site and Off-site Services

Secrets hold so much importance. In business, where can be increased in number of frauds and identity theft. We well know what significance to company takes privacy. Keeping this to mind Maxicom UAE offers data destruction service for you.

Data destruction is the complete removal of data from all types of computer media, so that it can under no circumstances be accessed at a later date. This process ensures that the data is physically and irretrievably removed from media including hard drives, tape drives, and CDs. This service provides peace of mind that your sensitive data stored on a failed hard drive will not fall into the wrong hands. In the event of a disk failure. We can completely wipe your hard hddrive clean and destroy data, provide certification of destruction, and dispose of the disk to help you confidently meet your compliance requirements.

If you have a vast amount of highly sensitive data, do not worry Maxicom is here for safely removal of data. We have the ability to service your shredding requirements, both in and out of office hours.

Data Destruction – Your sensitive data and hard drive will be destroyed on a failed hard drive through
a degaussing process.
Compliance Enablement – Help comply with current data privacy regulations and internal company
policies by ensuring sensitive information on your hard drive is not compromised. Plus, we provide
you with an electronic certifi cation of erasure confirmation
Risk Mitigation – Proper control/disposition of sensitive data can mitigate risk of expensive civil
liability by helping to prevent potential exposure of confidential customer data or intellectual
Environmentally-friendly Disposal – Your failed hard disk drive will be disposed of in environmentally safe
way in adherence to EPA and WEEE legislation and waste regulations. Good for you since you
won’t have to pay for disposition costs, and good for the environment, too.


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