Data Shredding

Maxicom UAE utilizes an industrial shredder to chop, mince, and shred hard drives, cell phones, tapes, and other data storage devices into tiny, inaccessible fragments.
IT Asset Disposal Features & Services
On-site Shredding
Off-site Shredding
On-site Degaussing
Off-site Degaussing
Heavy duty machinery which cuts or grinds items into strips or bits.
Can be used for all types of stroage device including disks, mobile phones and usb sticks.


Deploys a powerful magnetic field to destroy all magnetically recorded data. Destroys hard drive permanently; not a "green" solution.Degaussed items remain physically intact for easy dismantling and recycling.Destruction operation requires tight management controls and specialist equipment to verify destruction of data due to lack of physical damage to item.Stronger magnetic pulses are used to destroy more highly classified data

Wiping or Erasing

Secure erase procedure is performed when it is for some reason necessary to irreversibly delete some data. Maxicom specialists can wipe hard drive data and permanently remove files from your storage media and provide certification of the erasure.

Physical Destruction

Mechanically inflicted damage used for hard drive destruction. Damages the hard drive platter (spinning memory disk) and/or the drive mechanism. Can be executed quickly.

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