Used HP Servers

Maxicom UAE inventories have a wide variety of used HP Servers in UAE. We can supply powerful servers engineered for large-scale databases and applications, down to entry-level workstations. From the latest in Rack mount servers to the Tower servers platform, whatever the size of your company, we have the right-size solution for HP servers.


HP 9000 Servers

HP9000 Mid range serversRp7410, Rp7420, Rp8400, Rp8420
Rp7410, Rp7420, Rp8400, Rp8420

HP9000 Entry class servers Rp2400 series (A-class), Rp3410 Series, Rp3440 Series, Rp4410 Series
Rp2400 series (A-class), Rp3410 Series, Rp3440 Series, Rp4410 Series

HP ProLiant Servers

HP DL series HP DL100, HP DL300, HP DL500, HP DL700
HP DL100 HP DL 300, HP DL 500,HP DL 700,HP DL 1000

HP ML seires hp ml 100 ml 300 ml 500
HP ML 100, HP ML 300,HP ML 500

HP BL series bl series
BL 460c, BL 465c, BL 685c, BL 860c, BL 680c,

HP Integrity Servers

HP Integrity Mid range servers 
rx7620, rx7640, rx8640, rx8620

HP Integrity Entry class servers
rx2620, rx2620, rx6600, rx1600, rx2600, rx3600, rx5670

HP Alpha Servers

AlphaServer DSHP AlphaServer DS
DS10, DS15, DS20

AlphaServer ESHP AlphaServer ES
ES45, ES47, ES80

AlphaServer GSHP AlphaServer GS 
GS80, GS160, GS320

HP e3000 N-Class and A-Class Servers

N4000-100-220, N4000-100-330, N4000-400-550, A400-100-110


HP Servers BuyBack

Sell used HP servers to Maxicom. We buyback used hp servers, used data center equipment in UAE. If you have an inventory of used servers, call Maxicom today for the best prices, reliable service and fast removal of all of your equipment.


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