Used IBM Servers

Maxicom inventories has a wide variety of used IBM Servers in Dubai. We can supply powerful servers engineered for large-scale databases and applications, down to entry-level workstations. From the latest in Rack mount servers to the Tower servers platform, whatever the size of your company, we have the right-size solution for IBM servers. we Have special stock o fused IBM servers for training students and stock of End- of -life EOL servers.  If you cannot find the IBM server, you are looking for, please call one of our sales executives at a 


IBM System p

Maxicom UAE is a leading supplier of IBM System p (pSeries) solutions. We have an extensive inventory of the latest in POWER servers and legacy RS/6000 equipment.

IBM Power servers
IBM RS/6000
IBM Memory

IBM System i

Maxicom UAE is a leading supplier of IBM System i (iSeries) solutions.  We have an extensive inventory of the latest in POWER servers and legacy AS/400 equipment.

IBM System x

We offer a complete line of new and used IBM System x (xSeries) systems, options and peripherals all available for immediate shipping.

IBM Blade Center

Maxicom is ready to help you with new and used IBM Blade Center solutions. A complete line of chassis, blades, options, and peripherals are available for immediate shipping. Let us help you bring in your next IT project on time and under budget.

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  • Data Center Equipment

    Maxicom introduces data center program and buyback program.

  • Reverse Logistics

    Optimize reverse logistics – including returns, repairs, refurbishments, resale/Remarketing, e-commerce return and disposal of parts – with Maxicom reverse logistics Program.

  • Leasing Programs

    End of lease-When the leased equipment no longer meets your technology needs, then ITAD program introduces.

  • Assets Dispositions

    When a company wants ITAD. Maxicom introduces IT Asset Management (ITAM) programmed. Which include data handling, data destruction securely, reuse/re-marketing and other programs to increase ROI and free the precious space.

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