Al Hamra industrial Zone-FZ, RAK UAE

Maxicom IT Asset Recovery Services

Pre-owned equipment, IT asset buyback and recycling, Managing end-of-life assets

Are your decommissioned IT assets, taking space in your data center and depreciating in value? Let Maxicom be your trusted partner with your IT Asset Recovery need. Maxicom removes server and storage equipment, providing you with an environmentally sustainable, secure and cost-effective solution for your asset disposal needs. We also help you maximize the value of your decommissioned IT assets with a cash return or credit for services and parts. Maxicom IT Assets Disposition (ITAD) services realize the maximum residual cash value of your retired assets via our buyback services.

Asset Buyback and Disposal Solutions- customized services available to obtain the value of older, marketable IT equipment. Additionally, we can help clients safely dispose of their equipment in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Maxicom Pre-owned equipment- offers clients a wide variety of quality refurbished equipment including servers, storage and network equipment along with PCs from manufacturers. All equipment is thoroughly tested and comes with a product guarantee.

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