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IT Asset Remarketing

Get the most ROI for your surplus IT equipment like laptops, servers, desktop computers, and cell phones while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Refurbish and remarket?

Recover parts for reuse?

Responsibly recycle electronics?

We assess your equipment’s age, condition, appearance, and functionality to create the recovery strategy that’s best for you For the biggest economic and environmental impact, many ITAD programs integrate refurbishing and remarketing efforts designed to capture value from disposed of devices and components that are still useful.

Once IT assets reach the end of their lifespan in your company, it’s wasteful and often illegal to simply throw them away. Through a comprehensive IT asset remarketing program, it’s possible to realize several significant benefits including lowering the total cost of ownership for IT assets by capturing remaining value.

How we remarket your IT assets

Maxicom’s asset recovery takes a multi-stage approach, a proven process to IT asset remarketing:

  1. Maxicom’s transportation partners collect and securely ship your devices to one of our processing facilities.
  2. Upon arrival, we audit and inspect the items for potential remarketing value, taking into account the cost of data erasure, repairs, and other tasks.
  3. Our dedicated team works to obtain the best possible value for the remarketable assets.
  4. Any data destruction procedures are completed.
  5. Remarketable assets or harvested parts are sold through our active business and consumer channels.
  6. Anything that can’t be resold is securely dismantled and recycled according to material-specific standards and waste disposal regulations.

Benefits of Remarketing Your Company’s IT Equipment

  • Generate the cash flow for future IT equipment upgrades
  • Get rid of obsolete hardwar
  • Protect the environment by promoting reuse of IT equipment
  • Create space for new and more modern IT equipment to keep you competitive