IT Rentals & Leasing

Technology is the best way to pick up a business promotion, but it is not  easy to buy  new  equipment  for small businesses, hence Maxicom UAE offers flexible equipment rental and leasing options to both small and large businesses needing to fill either short-term or long-term demands. We recognize that our customers often require customized solutions and are able to meet almost any project requirement from stand alone computers to a mobile datacenter. 

These are exactly like your own Equipment. We cater to the demands of our esteemed clients and offer servers, storage and networking like routers for rent. 

used servers rental

Our rental and lease equipment is subject to the same rigorous testing and high standards as the pre-owned, refurbished, and used computer networking equipment available to our retail customers. We are able to provide flexible rental periods: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Long-Term.



Maxicom offers the Rent services on:

Server: Hire used/ refurbished servers. Rack servers, Tower servers, HP servers, Sun server rentals

  • Rent Dell Server: Rent Dell Tower Servers, Rent Dell Rack Servers, Rent Dell Blade Servers, Rent Dell Console Switches, Rent Dell Rack Enclosures
  • Rent IBM Server: Rent IBM p series Servers, Rent IBM iSeries Servers, Rent IBM Blade Servers, Rent IBM Rack Enclosures
  • Rent SUN Server: Rent SUN SPARC64 VI Servers, Rent SUN Rack Servers, Rent SUN Blade Servers, Rent SUN entry level servers, SUN high end servers
  • Rent HP Server: Rent HP Proliant Servers, Rent HP high-end Servers, Rent HP Blade Servers, Rent HP Rack Enclosures.

Storage rentals: Hire used/ refurbished storage.

  • Rent HP STORAGE:

Networking rentals (like routers, switches, cables etc.)

  • Rent Cisco gears:
  • Rent EMC products:

special links

  • Data Center Equipment

    Maxicom introduces data center program and buyback program.

  • Reverse Logistics

    Optimize reverse logistics – including returns, repairs, refurbishments, resale/Remarketing, e-commerce return and disposal of parts – with Maxicom reverse logistics Program.

  • Leasing Programs

    End of lease-When the leased equipment no longer meets your technology needs, then ITAD program introduces.

  • Assets Dispositions

    When a company wants ITAD. Maxicom introduces IT Asset Management (ITAM) programmed. Which include data handling, data destruction securely, reuse/re-marketing and other programs to increase ROI and free the precious space.

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