Unlock the Potential of Your Used IT Equipment

At Maxicom Global UAE, we firmly believe that your used IT equipment holds untapped potential. Through our specialized IT Equipment Remarketing service, we focus on harnessing this potential to its fullest extent. Our goal is not only to assist businesses in reselling their used IT equipment but also to ensure that even refurbished, surplus, or new equipment finds its right market, securing you the best possible returns.

A Wide Range of IT Equipment Remarketing Solutions

We take pride in offering IT Equipment Remarketing solutions that cover a wide range of IT assets:


From rack to tower and blade servers, we have the expertise to ensure your used servers find a new home. Our remarketing process ensures that your servers are valued appropriately in the market and attract potential buyers looking for reliable server solutions.

Storage Devices

Whether it’s network-attached storage (NAS), storage area networks (SAN), or direct-attached storage (DAS), we remarket all types of storage devices. Our extensive knowledge of storage solutions allows us to position your storage devices effectively in the market, optimizing their value.

Networking Equipment

Your networking equipment, including switches, routers, firewalls, and wireless access points, has immense remarketing potential. Our network of buyers spans across various industries, ensuring that your networking equipment gets the attention it deserves.

Workstations & PCs

From high-end workstations to personal computers, we manage the remarketing of a broad spectrum of computing devices. Our remarketing strategies cater to diverse user requirements, making your workstations and PCs appealing to a wide audience.

Brands We Remarket

We handle IT equipment from a multitude of top brands, ensuring that your equipment gains maximum exposure and value:


From Dell PowerEdge servers to Dell EMC storage and networking devices, we help you gain maximum value from your Dell equipment. Our in-depth knowledge of Dell products enables us to position them strategically in the market.


We remarket a wide range of HP equipment, including HP ProLiant servers, HP StorageWorks, and more. Our understanding of HP technology ensures that your equipment attracts potential buyers who value the reliability of HP products.


Maximize your returns from SuperMicro servers, storage, and networking devices with our comprehensive remarketing services. We target buyers who seek performance and cost-effectiveness, making your SuperMicro equipment stand out in the market.

Unlocking the Benefits of IT Equipment Remarketing

Choosing Maxicom Global UAE for your IT Equipment Remarketing brings an array of advantages that set your business up for success:

Maximize Returns

Our extensive network and deep understanding of the IT equipment market enable us to secure the best prices for your assets. We work tirelessly to ensure that you get the most out of your used IT equipment.

Reduce E-Waste

Remarketing IT equipment extends its lifecycle, reducing e-waste and contributing to a greener planet. By participating in the circular economy, you play a vital role in environmental sustainability.

Hassle-Free Process

From the initial evaluation to the final sale, we manage the entire remarketing process, providing you with a stress-free solution. Our team handles all aspects of remarketing, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our Transparent and Detailed Remarketing Process

At Maxicom Global UAE, our process for IT Equipment Remarketing is detailed, transparent, and aimed at achieving the best possible returns for your IT assets:


Our experts conduct a thorough assessment of your IT assets, estimating their condition, market value, and potential for remarketing. This evaluation forms the foundation of our remarketing strategy.

Data Destruction

All data is securely wiped from your equipment using global data privacy standards, ensuring complete data security and confidentiality.


We refurbish your IT assets to meet the highest quality standards before they hit the market. This process enhances the appeal and value of your equipment to potential buyers.


Leveraging our wide network of potential buyers, we ensure your equipment finds the right market at the right price. Our remarketing strategies are tailored to attract the most suitable buyers for your IT assets.


We offer detailed reports on the remarketing process, keeping you informed every step of the way. Our transparent approach ensures that you have full visibility into the progress and outcomes of the remarketing efforts.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

What sets Maxicom Global UAE apart in the IT Equipment Remarketing sector is our commitment to delivering maximum returns and ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients. Our extensive network and deep market insights enable us to ensure that your IT assets – whether used, refurbished, surplus, or new – find the right buyers, yielding you the highest possible returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unleash the potential of your IT assets with Maxicom Global UAE’s IT Equipment Remarketing services. Be it servers, storage devices, or networking equipment, used or refurbished, from Dell, HP, or SuperMicro, we help you maximize returns. Contact us today!
What is IT equipment remarketing, and how can it benefit my business?

IT equipment remarketing is the process of reselling and maximizing the value of used IT assets, including servers, storage devices, networking equipment, and more. It benefits your business by providing an opportunity to recover value from surplus or replaced equipment, reducing e-waste, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Why should I choose Maxicom Global UAE for IT equipment remarketing?

Maxicom Global UAE is a reputable and experienced partner in the IT equipment remarketing industry. We possess an extensive global network of buyers and deep market insights, allowing us to secure the best prices for your assets and provide a hassle-free remarketing experience.

What types of IT equipment does Maxicom Global UAE remarket?

We specialize in remarketing a wide range of IT equipment, including servers (rack, tower, and blade), storage devices (NAS, SAN, DAS), networking equipment (switches, routers, firewalls, wireless access points), workstations, and PCs.

Can you handle IT equipment from specific brands?

Yes, we handle IT equipment from various top brands, including Dell, HP, SuperMicro, and more. Our expertise in handling equipment from these brands ensures optimal positioning and value in the market.

Is data security guaranteed during the remarketing process?

Absolutely! Data security is our top priority. Before remarketing, we perform thorough data destruction following global data privacy standards, ensuring complete data security and confidentiality.

How can I maximize returns from my used Dell servers with Maxicom Global UAE?

By leveraging our vast network of buyers and our understanding of the current market demand for Dell servers, we ensure you get the maximum return on investment for your used Dell servers.

What are the benefits of remarketing my IT equipment instead of disposing of it?

Remarketing your IT equipment offers several advantages, such as maximizing returns on your assets, reducing e-waste and environmental impact, contributing to the circular economy, and freeing up valuable storage space.

How does Maxicom Global UAE evaluate the market value of my used IT equipment?

Our experts assess the current market demand, the condition of your equipment, the brand, and other relevant factors to evaluate the market value of your used IT equipment.

Can you assist with the refurbishment of IT equipment before remarketing?

Yes, we offer refurbishment services to ensure that your IT equipment meets the highest quality standards before being listed in the market. This process enhances the appeal and value of your equipment to potential buyers.

How does the remarketing process work?

The remarketing process involves a thorough evaluation of your IT assets, followed by data destruction and refurbishment (if required). We leverage our extensive network of potential buyers to find the right market and secure the best prices for your assets.

What kind of reporting can I expect during the remarketing process?

Throughout the remarketing journey, we provide detailed reports that keep you informed of the progress and outcomes. Our transparent approach ensures that you have full visibility into the remarketing efforts.

Is there any downtime or disruptions to my business during the remarketing process?

Our remarketing process is designed to minimize downtime and disruptions to your business operations. We work efficiently to complete the remarketing process, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.