Data Center Services

Your data center is the nerve center of your enterprise. Maxicom offers a suite of data center services tailored for the unique demands of the GCC market

Infrastructure Management

Our dedicated engineers ensure your data center's components are optimized for peak performance.

Security and Compliance

Implementing advanced security measures tailored to the GCC's regulatory landscape.

Disaster Recovery

Crafting strategies with our technical team to safeguard your data, ensuring business continuity in the face of disruptions.

Manpower and Technical Support

Maxicom’s strength lies in its people. Our skilled manpower, ranging from IT specialists to expert engineers, is ready to assist:

On-site Support

Whether you're in Dubai, Riyadh, or any GCC location, our technicians and engineers are dispatched to your location for hands-on technical assistance.

Off-site Support

Using state-of-the-art remote access tools, our team diagnoses and resolves issues promptly.

Technical Resolution

Addressing complex technical challenges with our pool of experts, ensuring your systems run smoothly.

Engineer on Call

In the fast-paced GCC business world, emergencies require immediate attention. Our Engineer on Call service ensures expert assistance is available 24/7.

Hardware Support

Every hardware component, from servers to workstations, is pivotal. Our hardware support ensures:


Swift identification and resolution of hardware issues by our technical team.

Replacement and Upgrades

Sourcing and installing essential hardware components tailored to the GCC market.

Regular Hardware Checks

Our engineers ensure all components are in prime working condition.

Why Choose Maxicom in the GCC?

Regional Expertise

Deep understanding of the GCC's IT landscape and business

Skilled Manpower

Our team, from IT specialists to engineers, is our biggest asset, ready to serve your needs.

Swift Response

Time is invaluable, and with our on-call services, we ensure minimal disruptions.


In the GCC’s vibrant and competitive market, Maxicom stands out as a premier choice for IT support services in the GCC. For MSPs in other countries, our revenue sharing IT support in the Middle East offers a lucrative opportunity to expand your service offerings and enhance your revenue streams. Whether you’re an end user looking for top-tier IT infrastructure support in the GCC or an MSP interested in a Middle East IT support outsourcing partnership, Maxicom is ready to serve.

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