Used HP Storage

Maxicom Emirate UAE introduce extensive inventory of HP servers and used HP storage for HP customers. We have stock of used/new Tape Drives, Libraries, Autoloader to networking storage.Quote for HP storage solution and options through our Express quote.

HP Storage

HP Disk Storage Arrays

We buy and sell used HP Storage Arrays including HP XP, EVA and MSA arrays plus HP disk systems, SFS and NAS options such as All-in-One Storage and HP Proliant Storage Servers.

XP Disk Arrays
  EVA Disk Arrays
  MSA Modular Smart Arrays
  Lefthand iSCSI SAN Arrays


HP Tape Storage

HP Tape Drives, Libraries, Autoloaders upgrades and parts including DLT, Ultrium, DAT Drives, MSL, ESL and more.
 Tape Storage
 Tape Autoloaders
  Tape Libraries
  Tape Drives

HP Bladesystem Storage
Disk and Tape Storage options for HP Blades including Direct Attached, Shared, NAS/SAN gateways and more.

 DAS Storage Blades
 Shared Storage Blades
 NAS / SAN Gateway Blades
 Tape Blades

NAS Storage

HP StorageWorks NAS products can be used as single file storage for CIFS, NFS, AppleTalk, NCP (Netware), HTTP, and FTP, making them the right solution for heterogeneous file serving. This multi-protocol support also helps when migrating from one platform to another. Print serving completes the capabilities of HP NAS in these environments.

 X500 DataVault
  X1000 Network Storage System
 X3000 Network Storage System
  X9000 Network Storage System

SAN Storage

The HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array MSA1500 cs is a Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN) attached 2U controller shelf that connects to HP StorageWorks Serial ATA (SATA) and/or SCSI disk enclosures providing customers with a flexible low-cost, high capacity storage solution. The MSA1500 cs has been designed as a hardware foundation for future solutions to ensure maximum investment protection

 SAN Switches
 HBA Host Bus Adapters
 Storage Routers, Gateways



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