Used SUN Storage

Our extensive inventory of Sun Storage solutions can help you meet your growing demand for increased capacity at a significant savings. We thoroughly test and professionally pack your equipment for quick delivery worldwide.  Let us help you address your storage needs.

If you cannot find the exact Sun storage you are looking for, please call one of our account executives at a get a quote. if you are not sure what you need, we have technicians on staff experienced with Sun products that can help you with your configurations.

 Sun Storage Products;

Sun Storage Tek 3120 SCSI Array

The Sun StorageTek 3120 SCSI array is an incredible value in entry-level storage for fast-growth environments. It's a fit-anywhere 1U rack size that saves space and money. Meanwhile, you get a highly flexible ultra-condensed, NEBS Level 3 certified, MIL-STD-810F compliant, modular storage array.


Sun Storage Tek 3320 SCSI Array

The Sun StorageTek 3320 SCSI array is a high-density, modular, enterprise-class array. It's designed for demanding workgroup and departmental environments. Highly adaptable and scalable, it simplifies storage planning and reduces management costs, short-term and long-term. Designed for the future and built to last, it's a protected investment.


Sun StorEdge D240

The Sun StorEdge D240 Media Tray is a compact, scalable and flexible storage solution. The StorEdge D240 offers a boot disk, data load and data interchange solution for Sun Fire 3800, 4800, 4810 and 6800 servers.



Sun StorageTek 2510

Designed to meet your ever-increasing storage demands from the workgroup to the enterprise, the Sun StorageTek 2510 array provides simple, reliable, and affordable storage consolidation. With iSCSI connectivity and SAS technology, the StorageTek 2510 is ideal for environments where flexibility, price/performance, and availability are critical.



Sun StorageTek 2530

Looking for low-cost primary or secondary workgroup storage? The affordable Sun StorageTek 2530 array delivers reliable RAID functionality and the highest availability in its class. The flexible, high-density SAS array is easy to deploy and optimized for rack-intensive environments.


Sun StorageTek 2540

The affordable Sun StorageTek 2540 array is ideal for primary workgroup and enterprise-class tier 2 storage. The array delivers reliable RAID functionality and the highest availability in its class. The flexible, high-density array is easy to deploy with Fibre Channel and optimized for rack-intensive environments.



Sun StorageTek 6140

The Sun StorageTek 6140 array is the perfect blend of performance, high availability, and reliability all in one economical package. In fact, it tested as the best performance and price/performance array in its class. It's the ideal disk array for business continuity requirements in a growing enterprise.



Sun StorageTek 6540

It streams 224 TB of data flowing at 4 Gb/sec. It's fast, it excels in large data sets, and it lets you mix SATA and Fibre Channel drives. Here's your chance to harness the industry's best performance in a midrange disk array.


Sun Storage with Part Numbers

LTO Storage

Part no. Manufacturer Description
003-0513-01 SUN LTO-3 Ultrium Tape 400/800GB
003-4391-01  SUN LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
380-0811 SUN SUN 100/200GB LTO-1 SCSI LVD Loader with Tray L25/L100
(LTO LOader Drives)
(LTO LOader Drives)
380-1263-03 SUN SUN C2 LTO3 LVD 16 Slot Autoloader
(LTO Libraries/Autoloaders)
380-1234-03 SUN SUN LTO3 LVD Internal Drive Gray Bezel400/800GB
(LTO3 Tape Drives)
PD072#920 SUN SUN LTO3 LVD Internal Drive Gray Bezel400/800GB
(LTO3 Tape Drives)
3100222477 SUN SUN / STK LTO3 LVD HP TX40 Drive400/800GB
(LTO3 Loader Drives)
(LTO3 Loader Drives)
Y-LTO3-HP2FC-SL500 SUN STK StorageTek LTO3 HP FC 2GB TX50400/800GB
(LTO3 Loader Drives)
380-1388 SUN SUN LTO3 LVD Drive w/ Tray for C4 Library400/800GB
(LTO3 Loader Drives)
SG-XTAPLTO2S-DRV SUN L180/L700 GEN2 LVD TAPE DRIVE - CEI: 3100222451200/400GB (LTO2 Loader Drives)
380-1489-02 SUN SUN LTO3 FC w/tray for C4 Library400/800GB
(LTO3 Loader Drives)
3100222454 SUN 200-400GB LTO2 FC T.D FOR L180/L700
(LTO Loader Drives)


540-4519 SUN Sun 73GB FC Drive w/Tray2Gb/sec
(Fibre Channel Drives)
510680005 SUN SUN 3Ft VHDCI to 68HD Scsi Cable
(Cabling Parts for Tape Libraries)
530-2455-02 SUN Sun 10M SCSI-3 to VHDCI CABLE
(Cabling Parts for Tape Libraries)
10187012 SUN SUN SCSI universal 68MD to 68VHDCI 5m
(Cabling Parts for Tape Libraries)
3000785-02 SUN SUN/STK Distribution Board 3 Port SCSI L700 FOR 2ND DRIVE TOWER (Interface / Controller Board Parts)


3703332-01 SUN DLT Loader Drive in tray for Sun ETL 4/1800 Library
(DLT Loader Drives)
6220233 SUN Sun Drive and Tray for the L1000
(DLT Loader Drives)
(DLT Loader Drives)
370-3272-02 SUN SUN DLT7000 HVD w/ tray for L1800/L3500
(DLT Loader Drives)
380-0826-02 SUN SUN External SDLT 320 tape drive
(SDLT 160/320GB Tape Drives)


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